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01-26-2013, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Gustavsson had one good yr in the SEL, very similar to Eriksson's numbers actually. He was significantly older however and his lack of success in the NHL could arguably be attributed to his health problems.
Fair enough. Just pointing out that even record setting numbers in the SEL are not proof-positive of anything other than record setting numbers in the SEL.

If people know that he's not willing to come over for one reason or another (which is obviously just speculation) why would anyone bother to re-draft him or trade for his rights? My point is you don't know anymore then i do which is he doesn't have an NHL contract and has played very well in a top European league. Nothing more, nothing less.
Uhhh, this is exactly what I am saying. I don't know why no one is offering him a contract. The only thing I am saying is that the fact the Flyers didn't can't be categorized as a mistake at this point in time. It very well may be that he has what it takes to be the next Roy, but doesn't want to come over here. If that is the case, how can you blame the Flyers for not signing a guy that doesn't want to sign here?

i think we went through this not too long ago. i never called not signing him a mistake. you can go through all my posts, i never said that. i realize that others on here may have said that but you're responding to me not any of the others right now. what bothers me is the fact that as soon as someone says something along the lines of i hope they give eriksson a chance/shot or a contract (like myself) you comes out with your "this again?" comment. and again you completely ignored the possible reason i've provided for why he doesn't have a contract. they are completely logical and provide a possible explanation as to why he doesn't have a contract.
First of all, the initial posts I responded to were people directly saying things like they should have signed Eriksson or who recommended Hovinen over him, etc. And again, I haven't ignored the reasons you are saying, I even said it in this thread (go look through my posts). I think the first post I said in here said that a possible reason he is not here is because he may not want to be here. Here is my first post (outside of the "This AGain?" post):

What that reason is, I have no idea (maybe he has a poor work ethic, maybe he isn't as good as you think, maybe he doesn't want to play over here, etc).
That was in post #57. Also, I would consider someone who doesn't want to play in NA, not NHL caliber.

you also repeatedly say that since he's not signed that all NHL teams don't consider him to be worth a contract or in this very same post that he isn't NHL material and then you turn around and say this
I don't think I ever said he wasn't NHL caliber, I think I said that the fact he remains unsigned is an indication how the rest of the teams think about him.

if he's not terrible and does have a shot then why then why in your eyes is he not worth a contract? oh cause he doesn't have a contract. that is called a logical fallacy.

i feel like we're starting to go in circles now.
The kid has talent, but talent doesn't mean he is worthy of an NHL contract. There are plenty of guys out there with talent that will never get an NHL contract. They all have a shot to, just like Eriksson does. The fact that he doesn't have an NHL contract, and never has, is more of an indicator of what NHL teams think of him than what people on the internet have to say about him.

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