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01-26-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by SaintTavares View Post
Dumb question, but could they be the wrong use skate? I have the same skates, and after about three uses I had no problem with them and they fit fine. I know everyones foot is different but maybe you just need a bigger size?
No, too many people think that going up a half or full size will help their width issue. It simply creates another problem of a skate that's too big.

Figure out the correct size length wise, then figure out the width based on different boots.

Filth E, it seems that you have diagnosed your own problem; the skates are too narrow. Definitely try Reebok. Missions from the past few years are close to Supreme, which should run a little wider than your Vapors but not as much as Reebok. Try some of those as well.

Although I have not seen Alkali or Tour or the other specialty roller companies, I have heard good things, especially about Alkali.

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