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Originally Posted by TealTownLeaf View Post
The minority owners aren't matching by themselves. They are bidding with Burkle and Mastrov, and potentially Ellison. Their billions will counter Hansen's group. And Seattle's benifits are worthy, but Sacramento has a laundry list of benifits, many of which outweigh Seattle's. most naotably, no major contenders in the market, and strong local government support with an arena deal coupled with years of NBA support for the city.
No it doesn't. Seattle has the advantage right now. They have city and county support, an complete arena deal, ownership group that the NBA wants and Seattle is #14 in the tv market. Years of NBA support for city doesn't matter. We had 41 years of NBA support and we still lost our team.

Also there is no bidding. NBA doesn't own the team.

I don't think the minority owners can use outside funds and claim a RORF. And as i said Maloofs don't have to sell locally so its a moot point. There is 1 binding sales agreement on the table and that is Maloofs + 1 other monority owner selling 65% of the team to seattle's group. NBA BOGs will vote yes or not on that agreement.

So far no "whale" as they call it has come out and announce they are getting involved in the efforts in trying to keep the team in Sacramento. Just cause some newspaper article is claiming it doesn't mean its 100% accurate.

only thing Burkle has done is talk to stern and its been reported that they talked about future position for Sacramento as a NBA city.

Sacramento is running out of time. They have 3 months to get a ownership group going get an arena plan going with the site secured and funding secured before the Apirl BOG meeting. It look Seattle 8 months to get their arena plan approved once it was announced.

It might be already too late if the BOG votes as soon as the vetting is done.

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