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01-26-2013, 05:05 PM
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I want whoever's job it is to deal with D-men in any capacity to have his/their head on a platter. The playing of them, the developing of them , the picking of them, hasn't exactly been stellar over the years. The Stars have an excellent eye for forward talent and goaltending talent, and they seem to be able to develop both, but it is a cruel joke how bad our defense has been, bad budget or not.

As for Joe, I think he's made some mistakes, but I think he's been excellent in so many other areas that I don't want him fired. The prospect pool looks better than it has for as long as I can remember (and I hope that extends to our new wave of d-men), he got us Lehtonen for nothing, and he seems like a sensible and patient guy. What he has been terrible at is his coaching decisions. Anyone should have known Crawford as coach is an instant mistake, maybe he was just playing it safe his first go around, but with Gulutzan I think he could safely cut his losses if someone better comes along. I'd kill to have Laviolette as our coach, and inevitably someone good is going to get fired this year because it happens every year.

Anyone who has the stones to simultaneously keep playing Morrow while scratching Larsen is not the guy I want running my hockey team. That is so absurd you'd think we weren't following the best hockey league in the world. Topping his large list of accolades includes constantly misused D pairings (I'd give him breathing room if he at least TRIED someone else as the top pairing, but he refuses), and the WORST PP IN THE LAST FIFTY YEARS. That is absolutely baffling. If this team even has a mediocre to average powerplay we're in the playoffs the last two years.

I think this team absolutely has the personnel to make the playoffs this year. It won't be pretty, but I think if properly utilized and while taking some calculated risks (cut Morrow and Robidas off the PP, put Larsen and a pylon there instead, give Goligoski the permission to run free with a stay at home D-man looking after him like Daley) we make the playoffs. I've heard people say that Benn's contract is a minus because it only lasts five years... teams have gone from last to cup winners in that length. That is plenty of time to build a winner, especially at the stage we're in right now. It just probably isn't going to be with Gulutzan and company.

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