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Originally Posted by Winreims View Post
I think he could have made a decent impact on the team, especially those awful 1996-1997 / 1997-1998 Leaf teams. Gretzky put up two 90+ point years with the Rangers
Originally Posted by KuleminFan41 View Post
He got 97 points that season and 90 the year after. He would certainly have helped, not to mention the thought of playing for your team you grew up loving certainly would give him the motivation to play even harder.

Who really knows to be honest but to say he wouldn't do much here is a false statement
Everyone was putting up points back then and whatever Gretz gave you on the offensive end he cost you on the defensive end .

Anyway it doesn't matter what impact he would have have because it's ancient history . I just get tired of the multiple stories that come out years later and all of them trying to paint Stavro in a bad light .

The team won when Stavro was the COB but the media continually attacked him at every chance . When he sold the media immeadiatly skipped over the new COB LT and blamed everthing on the teachers pension plan reps who i believe were always in the back ground and didn't really get invovled in the day to day running of the team .

And like i already said at i never believed Gretz wanted to come here because if he did and it was only about the money somthing could have been worked out . These stories how the team budget was slashed are pure stupidity , i know we were never the biggest spenders but i don't remember us ever dropping out of the top 10 and we could have moved a little money out to accomadate Gretz if he was being resonable like some stories have said ( others stories have also said he'd take a discount to come here ) .

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