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01-26-2013, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Sure, and the future, unless you're sticking to 1 year deals. If it's for another year, than it's 1year in the future. If it's 2, then it's 2years. Not sure why you even said that..

Gionta, Kaberle and Markov are coming off the cap after next year. That's 15M off. Not one of those guys should get a raise, as it stands now. Gionta and Kaberle will see a drop no matter what. Markov might get a similar amount but only if he remains healthy and keeps performing as he has.
Actually, Kaberle will likely be bought out next year.
You have more than enough room to fit PK at 5M under there.

I mean really, are you really suggesting you rather invest in Kaberle-Gionta-Cole than in PK?? If no, then what are you discussing exactly?
wtf you're talking about ?

simple, there will be plenty of cap room in three years (after his bridge contract) with all the guys coming off the books... enough for the Habs to pay their top players at a more than fair price. Assuming Subban remains a very good D, he should worry too much IMO.

Besides, his 2 years bridge contract will actually be a year and a half since there's alreay onlyn 45 games to play this season.

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