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01-26-2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
nonis scored us a 26 year old luongo for a 28 year old bertuzzi. Both on final year of deals. Nonis had to give Luongo 6.75mil a year with an NTC to get him to stay in Vancouver instead of walk out a UFA. Not bad for a guy who had never won an NHL award or even played a playoff game.

Nonis is not about to re purchase a 34 sorry, hes only 33 and 9/10ths ........goalie with a 10 year contract and a 5.3 mil cap hit .

The cap hit is not GREAT right now. Its good. Next year, it should still be good. In 2015 it will be fair to annoying. In 2016 it will be annoying. In 2017 and beyond it will outright suck please get rid of this guy.

I have no idea why some people on here think the other GMs are stupid and wil throw out excellent cheap young talent for a goaltender which carries the baggage that Luongo now has at his age.

He was 12th in save percentage and 16th in GAA. Thats GOOD. His back up posted far better numbers with the same team, but this is about Luongo.

Luongo is NOT an elite goalie now. Hes a SOLID goalie.

Still say Ashton , Colbourne and an unprotected 1st in 2014 is way too little for this overpaid albatross?

No? Need Kadri plus plus ?

We need to move Luongo. Everyone knows it. We can put up with it until the summer but the clock runs out at that point. GMs all know it. They can just wait until then and offer us DOG CRAP knowing we cant enter next year with him.

It may not be what we Canuck fans wanna hear, but its a very educated projection of what will probably occur.
You say this despite lacking any certifiable proof to corroborate it. You have yet to provide a list of supposedly fourteen goaltenders better than Luongo nor have you refuted claims suggesting Luongo could emulate Kipper, Brodeur, Thomas, Roloson, Hasek and other goaltenders who play or played well into their late thirties.

In short, your "very educated projection" is little more than baseless conjecture, just like the majority of this thread.

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