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01-26-2013, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
the 2% is the difference between 5 Mil on a 56 Mil cap and 5 Mil on a 64 Mil cap... 5/56 vs 5/64.

doesnt change a thing, as long as it's cheap relative to the cap.

because you're using ONE 5 mil contract. Most teams have several... that's why you have to use the difference itself between the two caps which you avoided doing because it is the ACTUAL difference in % when working with the new cap limit. 8 mil is over a 10% increase in total cap space.


Sure if you spread a 40% difference (seen in 7 years of contract over the last full CBA) over the 23 players... for each individual player, it adds up to 2% difference, which makes it seem small, and that's why your way of seeing it is ingenious.

The GM who sees his purse string grow by 8 million will tell you that he sees a much bigger difference than just 2%. He'll tell you that adding up all his biggest salaries together will take a much lesser percentage of his overall cap. Not just ONE 5 mil salary, and then say Oh, it's just a 2% decrease.

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