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01-26-2013, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Good Lord...the team's been rebuilding for years and you want to strip it down to the point where a guy playing for the Cutthroats has to be put on the roster? Not even the Oilers could fail on purpose so spectacularly. I'm guessing if the Avs did something so stupid the league would be investigating them.

And "if we are going to lose let's do it right." is an oxymoron. You can't fail correctly. New rules regarding the draft don't reward the worst team in the league like they used to.
Really "Strip it Down" our defense is horrific they have made this team based around nhl journeymen they could sign to cheap contracts. It doesn't work that way you will not win with these defensemen Its not stipping it down to trade depth dmen to contenders. And as much as I was trying not to mention it looking for grammatical errors in something typed sarcastically is just rediculous.

A last note, the league does still reward the worst team in the league have the best chance to get the best picks, just like before the worst they can do is second overall, just instead of the old 48% chance at the first its closer to 25%

Originally Posted by finds71 View Post
Let`s not overreact, we had a bad game in 4. And we were playing against possibly the best team in the league.
At least this game against the Sharks clearly showed what the team is lacking... some puck movers at the blue line.
I also think that we need somebody else to play with Statsny. IMO Landy should be playing with him and Hejduk with Duchene.
I thought this whole thread was a little bit of an overreaction my post had little to do with the current results from the team, I personally think we are a bubble eighth seed, however with 48 games its very easy to fall out of the race and if we do I think the focus should be on drammatically changing our D

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