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01-26-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolf357 View Post
I'm one of those row 1 on the isle guys in 305. Sometimes to be honest you realy have to think about those behind you because to be honest you get caught up in the moments of the game.
My buddy is a freaking stork. He's well over 6'5 tall and skinny. He well...gets realy caught up and cheers and i constantly have to remind him about those behind us.
Those in Row 1 in the upper decks are somwhat of the Anchors of the section. If we stand up to cheer pretty much everyone behind us has no choice but to do the same.
We or anyone else in our ST package would never have a problem with someone respectively asking us to sit down. However be respectible and remember that this isnt a Movie theater and sometimes ya gotta get up and roar!
Also the ushers are there for a reason, it avoids direct confrantation between the fans, simply talk to an usher and they will talk to those who are causing the issue.

Any of you guys who are sitting in 305 and are having issues with the front row guys PM me and I will have a talk with the group..
I'm also in section 305. Overall a pretty good section and most people are nice and friendly. Only complaint I have is the guy in front of me is a bit of a preacher, and seems to sell/give away his seats half the time to people who cheer for the opposition. But he is tiny and sits back so all is good. The people beside us and behind us are great. I've been known to lean once in awhile (hell I pace sometimes at home ) and would have no problems with a friendly I can't see because your leaning. If he had to remind me twice and had a Jets jersey on I'd apologize and buy him a beer at intermission

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