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01-26-2013, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Actually you relocate the team to a proven market (QC) with an adequate (15K) temporary arena and new arena ALREADY under construction BEFORE an unproven market (Seattle) where NHL hockey may or may NOT work with NO adequate temporary arena and with NO guarantee a new arena will even be built!

Does anyone really believe they would have started building a brand new 18K arena in QC without assurances from the NHL that a NHL team would go into it?
If the Maloof to Hansen deal for the Kings goes through, a new arena's getting built, so that's a non-issue. As for temporary arena, it may be woefully insufficient, but they'd use Key Arena. And finally, as for unproven market.... it may be, but it's also a very large market with a huge amount of corporate sponsorship capacity and in area of the U.S. untapped by the NHL, so the possible benefits very likely well outweigh the risks in the league's mind for Seattle.

All that being said though, the prospect of any market getting an NHL and an NBA team at the same time seems like it's just asking for both to suffer from split disposable income.

If the Yotes deal does fall through, I'd still rank Quebec City as the frontrunner for getting them, especially as you can better believe that PKP would be willing to spend a lot more to buy the team and pay relocation fees than a Seattle-based group. Then, in a few years, Seattle and Houston will land expansion teams.

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