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01-26-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by 5RingsAndABeer View Post
I was trying to propose a dumb trade but you're right.

I don't agree with him having more value than Yakupov, though. Yakupov is doing pretty well for his age.
Yakupov is doing unreal. Schultz's AHL performance was historical and transitioning to the NHL doesn't look like it's going to be a problem at all so far. "As much value" is how i would probably peg it, but Schultz's offensive game might just be Karlsson level. I really think Schultz has a legitimate chance (not to say he's my bet) to be the best player on the Oilers when it's all said and done. I think a player is essentially broken down into categories hands, heart, skating, intelligence, size, checking. Schultz doesn't seem to have a weakness anywhere.

His hands are very good and he's shown in the AHL the ability to score in a variety of different ways including beating goalies in close and stepping of defenders with a deke for a shot in the slot. He has a possibly elite wrister and a very solid slap shot that he has an "uncanny knack at getting through" (quoting his college coach). It's his ability to provide offense in a variety of ways that excites me, and a big part of the reason he does this is because of his high level puck handling and shot.

Tough to judge a guys heart so there's no reason to doubt it, he certainly seems to play determined and be a team player. This one is up in the air, and as a fan it's hard to ever really be sure of how a player fits this description. It is however very evident to teammates.

His skating is out of this world, it's his best skill IMO. Despite rarely making a bad pinch his skating allows him to get very quickly back into position even after a mistake.

Very smart player. He rarely makes a bad pinch, and is no dummy in the defensive zone despite his young age. He still has a little ways to go to be a shutdown guy but his offensive intelligence is very impressive and very likely to be elite IMO.

Good size, not much more to say.

He may not be a big hitter or overly strong but i think checking is about more than just body contact, and he has an excellent stick check. I use checking and not strength because i see strength as a component of checking. With his solid size guys can't just run him over or go around him either, so i see checking not being a problem for Schultz.

I know you probably agree with most of this but when i think of what he brings i just don't see how you can be sure any player on the Oilers will end up better. I think it's all a crapshoot as to who will be the best between the big 5, so that's why i say about even. For a defenseman to be this complete at 22 it just blows me away, and defenseman with that kind of potential are very very rare. There's no limit as to how good he could be, just like Yakupov. We got two first overall talents last season, it's ridiculous (hence the rant).

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