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01-26-2013, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
that's fine. in my eyes nothing is a sure thing, especially not in hockey.

you will get no argument from me on that. i don't see it as a mistake. i just think that if he is willing to come over and there are no other issues, then the Flyers should look into offering him a contract. Boucher, Munroe and Leighton are more then likely all gone when there contracts expire at the end of this season. Heeter will be in the AHL and Anthony Stolarz will be in juniors for a couple more year. That leaves very little/no goalie depth and the flyers will be forced to go the FA route and there aren't very many options out there. I was talking to some Swedes over on the European hockey board and they said Eriksson will be the best available FA goalie out of Sweden this summer. This past summer Fasth, Nilstorp and Svedberg all signed with NHL teams. The first two are current NHL back-ups and the latter is an AHL All-Star. They also said they consider Eriksson ready to take the next step in his career and he's gotten better every year. No guarantees of course, after all we are just "internet people". i'm not saying he's a great goalie or a sure thing, just that the flyers don't have many options and he could potentially help them out. i just though you should understand some of my reasoning behind my desire to see the Flyers sign him.
That is totally fine. I have no problem with wanting to sign him. I wouldn't be opposed to signing him (which is pretty much my whole argument...that I, like most people on here, have not seen anything more than a few clips and cuts of his play and read a couple articles, but I will trust the 30 NHL organizations that aren't offering a contract, just like signing a guy I know nothing about I will trust the guys who have seen him...if the Flyers decide, hey this guy could actually be something and sign him, I'm not going to argue about a guy I have never even seen play an entire game). I just have a problem with people acting like this is some big mistake that was made and they saw it coming and know better than the NHL scouts that are paid to scout him, based on nothing else than the fact that they saw his name listed on the Flyers top prospects list a couple years ago. If people were simply saying, "Hey the Flyers should go after this guy," I would have no problem with it. It is the people saying Homer is wrong, made a mistake, and they knew it etc. that bugs me.

my apologize. i though you were referring to everyone suggesting he get a contract and you only quoted a random few. so if i understand you correctly, you only take issue with those who believe the Flyers made a mistake and not someone such as myself.

out of curiosity, why? caliber by definition means "degree of excellence or importance". just cause a player doesn't have the desire to play in NA doesn't make them not NHL caliber. just my opinion.
I would think someone who doesn't have the desire to play against the best competition in the world, while he may have the talent or skill, he is not the same caliber. I guess I'd consider that part of his mentality/work ethic, which is part of the larger picture of any prospect.

but it doesn't, they could think very highly of him but if there is a reason (like him not wanting to come over to NA for example) then him not having a contract means -273.15 degrees C.
Well yeah it does. Even if the reason is he says he doesn't want to come to North America (which I think is just speculation by people in this thread, haha), NHL teams are going to stay away from him. By not offering him a contract, there is no other explanation other than they don't think he'll ever play for them. I am not trying to be a dick, but if a team thought he was good enough and they thought he could be on their team at some point, they would have offered him a contract. If teams did and he turned them down because he doesn't want to go to NA, well then no other teams are going to waste time on him because they know he isn't coming, ergo they don't think he is worth an NHL contract.

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