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01-26-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by GF View Post
I have my doubts about Bettman. IF the Coyotes deal falls through AND are relocated anywhere but in QC, there's nothing that will convince me that it isn't Bettman's last FU to Canadian market and QC.
That's because you're letting your emotions run the show instead of being rational about it.

Originally Posted by GF View Post
As far as Seattle goes, it is an unproven market and hockey will be behind the NFL, NBA, MLB and possibly MLS Soccer. If I was the NHL, I would let things go for a while and be careful before putting a new franchise in this already crowded market. The last thing they want is another Arizonian fiasco. I'm not saying it will. Just that it could. Plus they wouldn't have a decent place to play for at least the next two season. Time will tell I guess.
Seattle is a great market with a ton of interest in hockey. MLS isn't really a competitor as it appeals to an entirely different market. As for the "big three", there are plenty of US markets that do just fine with the NHL being behind NFL, MLB, and NBA. While it may rankle certain people, where you rank among the major sports leagues isn't really an issue as long as team is making money and drawing a sufficient number of fans.

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