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01-26-2013, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
It's actually closer to 5years than a decade.
There have been 7 winners, and in the first year, 5M hit represented 12.5% of the total cap. Today, it's down to almost half at 7%.
As the cap keeps rising (after next year), teams will be able to afford dishing out more cash to more people. Heck, this year, you only have 7 teams with less than 5M in cap space still available. It's only because there's a drop next year that there's a small concern, but after that it will likely keep rising again.

We have 6.4M in free cap space.
at the end of the day, you still need cheap players (relative to the cap) that will give you great performances, youngsters on ELC or a 2nd contract are the most likely to give you that.

the Hawks are the perfect example of that, they had solid performances from Keith, Kane and Toews who were (relatively) cheap and they won a cup... they renewed those three players contract to reflect their "worth", and to afford that they had to ditch their depth players...

since then, they have a hard time wnning a round of P.O.

now us, who havent won a cup with the current youngsters, are about to give them all (I know, it's not like we have a dozen of em) raises that reflect their worth... thing is, we havent won a cup with them yet. the "great performance for cheap" window is closed - for these players at the very least.

And we even have people questionning (I know, not you) MB saying he was dumb to sign Prust for 2.5 Mil... 2.5 Mil, that's where we are at, not being able to afford depth players cause they want 2.5 Mil, seriously ?

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