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01-26-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Schnurvel View Post
He's got like 10-20% vision, but he has said that he basically can't see anything on his left eye.

Not sure how to respond to the second part (mainly because it's so stupid I'm almost lost for words)... You do realize it's not just Boston's decision, right? They can't force Söderberg to do anything. "high maintenance tendencies"... Ridiculous.
I think if you read the post carefully you would agree that the Bruins have not been overly aggressive trying to bring Carl to NA and it is one of the two things:

a) He is talent is not worth the resources and effort to devote a hard sell/we really need you/here is a guaranteed roster spot (most likely)

b) His personality/demands are too high for what the Bruins are willing to put up with (i.e. not coming to NA for various reasons)

I think his backers misunderstand Bruins fans attitude towards this guy. Given his eye injury I for one am happy for the guy; he can play near home in a league where his skills can translate into a good living for him and his family and he is a bit of a local star.

I doubt the NHL is any place for a guy with limited peripheral vision and poor depth perception. I would hate to see him come over here and have a guy hurt him bad.

There was a time his size and skills were intriguing to the Bruins. Now some Bruins fans feel like this guy is Bigfoot; we hear the screams, there are blurry pics, and we wanna see the real deal.

At this point I doubt the Bruins have any real desire to see the guy in a Bruins/P-Bruins jersey.

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