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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Galchenyuk has been given a spot. 13 minutes a night with decent linemates. I don't think they'll bench him if he makes one error.

A good example. Desharnais was given the opportunity to replace Gomez because Gomez was injured. What if Gomez had not been injured? Injuries come and go, sometimes you have a lot, sometimes you have less. Relying on injuries to develop young players like Desharnais is not an optimal way to develop a team, as it introduces a lot of risk.

Look at Eller for example. He'll be given his opportunity if Plekanec suffers a major injury. If not? He'll be a bust. That's not an optimal development strategy.

Nothing is being handed. They still earn a spot so to speak by excelling at their previous position, for example Galchenyuk dominating the OHL.

However, we should not expect Eller to get 50 points from the 3rd line.
So does Galchenyuk develop better playing 13min with decent linemates, or does he develop better playing 20min with below average linemates?

Emelin and Diaz played a few too many minutes with weak linemates. I think they would have developed better with 2-3 less minutes a game with a better partner which Markov would've allowed.

If Gomez had not been injured I think Desharnais would've replaced him anyways. Perhaps not quite as soon but it would've happened. He was playing better than Gomez, that will win the coach over sooner or later. As for Eller, I'm a big fan of his but he bears some responsibility too, he needs to force the coach to play him more. It's not about waiting for an injury it's about playing good enough that the coach gives you a bit more responsibility, then playing even better with that extra opportunity. Force the coaches hand! I'm not expecting 50 points, but 28 points doesn't exactly scream he's ready for top-6 either.

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