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01-26-2013, 08:28 PM
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The effort was there tonight (as the Moose controlled the majority of the game)... but the execution was awful! Quebec played an OK enough game... but really Halifax beat themselves.

The PP was ugly to say the least. When it's working, they keep it simple. Tonight they tried to be way too fancy, no one was crowding the net, and they kept the puck to the perimeter and didn't collapse down towards the net to create traffic.

That first disallowed goal was in no doubt. It hit the pad inside the post (hence why there was no "clang" when the puck came out as well was the velocity of the puck severely reduced when it came out). The ref even called it a goal on the ice and have no idea what video they would have had to disprove that.

The officials were garbage tonight... right from puck drop. Langdon is one of the worst refs I've seen.

Fucale needs to stop that 2nd goal. We had just scored to take the lead and lets in a softy... pretty much killed any momentum we had.

I sure hope Nate breaks out of his funk soon. Trying to skate through 4 guys every time isn't going to help him do it though.

After shouldering the load while the big guns were away, the Boudreau/Ashley/Chiampini line has gone ice cold. They need a goal in the worst way.

Outside of Weegar, our defense had a pretty rough night. Especially Murphy! I understand he's going to be a great anchor on our blueline for the next couple of seasons, but he's not the player we needed right now. We needed a 19yo vet back there. The loss of Gillard (yes I know it was a tradeoff for the experience of MacCaulley) is definitely being felt right now.

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