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01-26-2013, 08:51 PM
Daisy Jane
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Dear Leafs.
I don't know if you know this, but the game is not 20 minutes in length. It's 60. 60. that's an entire hour. that's 3, 20 minutes. Not just one. this means you HAVE TO PLAY ALL THE TIME.

<3 Daisy Joy.

in all seriousness. a lot of this I'm going to lay on the feet of Wilson, because it's sort of like a switch. When they get tired or pressured it's sort of like they forget whatever Caryle is teaching them and they make bad pinches, bad decisions and "river hockey". You totally saw it in the Buffalo game, you def. saw it in the Islander game and you saw it tonight. RC is going to really have to hammer out 4 years of crap coaching really quickly.

Our player play is crap. And once again it's costing us games. If it's not the PK, it is the PP and we've got to be firing on all of them. (or if not the PP we've got to be scoring ES goals more often. 2-3 a game should be enough to be WINNING the game).

Only our boys in Blue would emphasis maybe the problem isn't in net. but everywhere else. tsk tsk.

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