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01-26-2013, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
I suppose that's where we differ. I think the lessons to be learned extend further back than that. Maybe the biggest ones extend only another 15 games or so back, but there are other big lessons about bench management, etc that extend back to 2010.

As I said, this team desperately needed someone like Bylsma to swing the pendulum from the Therrien direction. He did it. And, the team won a cup because of it. Then, he just kept going. If he can self-correct and swing it back a little, then that's fine. He seems like a really nice guy, and like many here I wouldn't trade that cup in 2009 for anything. I just want him to show me something that he can self-correct. It's hard. Even the best coaches have trouble striking that balance and moving things one way or another as circumstances, player mix (in any given year), etc dictate. Before it, this team needed the anti-Edzo to swing the pendulum back from the country club direction. As I said, teams are fluid. Players grow older, new players need to be introduced, the personnel and how they mesh changes all the time, and the message from a coach grows less and less fresh.
He's not perfect. My argument is just that most everything before last year involves relatively petty criticisms that you could accumulate for any coach. I'm not even sure there's a consensus group of the best coaches in the league, but I can't imagine it'd be too hard to find similar faults with any. As was stated earlier, Babcock has come up short with stacked teams just as often as Bylsma since 2009, and I don't think many would suggest he's an incapable coach.

Apparently, you didn't catch that my sarcastic tone and the tongue sticking out smilie was designed to introduce a little levity to our conversation here.
Hard to know when anybody's being sarcastic here. DB's getting blamed for Fleury not being able to stop a beach ball, haha.

But I always have fun going back and forth witcha. Sharpens the mind to argue with somebody who knows what they're talking about...sort of.

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