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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
He's not perfect. My argument is just that most everything before last year involves relatively petty criticisms that you could accumulate for any coach. I'm not even sure there's a consensus group of the best coaches in the league, but I can't imagine it'd be too hard to find similar faults with any. As was stated earlier, Babcock has come up short with stacked teams just as often as Bylsma since 2009, and I don't think many would suggest he's an incapable coach.

Hard to know when anybody's being sarcastic here. DB's getting blamed for Fleury not being able to stop a beach ball, haha.

But I always have fun going back and forth witcha. Sharpens the mind to argue with somebody who knows what they're talking about...sort of.
As long as you recognize that you're wrong in the end, we're good.
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Hey, I've actually got a question for people like Cole who've played competitively at a somewhat higher level than 99% of the people who post here:

Why do players seem to tune out a coach? Is it just delivery style? I've always thought that players pretty much do what the coach says. Some are more prone to freelance or play outside things a little more than others, but, for the most part, players start from a position of showing that they're completely with the program in terms of their play on the ice. Where things go south is when they feel as if they're doing what the coaches want and doing that results in a feeling that they're never in good position to make plays. So, they try to do more 'outside' the system to compensate, which only makes things worse and starts a downward spiral that escalates into seeing the type of stuff we've seen from the Pens in the last 25-30 games. The old saying 'tuning him out' really is an oversimplification (style can accelerate or decelerate/stop the spiral, but it's the on ice part that's really most important from a players perspective). Am I understanding the causes/consequences correctly? Or, is there more to it? As I said, I'd really appreciate hearing what the guys who play competitively think here.

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