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01-26-2013, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Believe me No Fun Shogun I realize that Seattle is somewhere the NHL want's to be, huge corporate sponsorship potential, affluent city etc.

I look at similar sized city close to me, same size population as Seattle, slightly higher average personal income, has three major league teams and the NHL plus college sports. Trouble is NFL and MLB like in Seattle are #1 and #2, both the NBA and until this season the NHL, have had trouble selling out their respective venues. Until the Wild signed Parise and Suter getting tickets was never a problem and the team was using promotions to get rid of tickets.

Seattle would probably intially sell out both the NBA and NHL but with Seattle your also dealing with a popular MLS team as well, a five way split for fans, ticket sales, marketing and advertising dollars spreads thin even in cities the size of Seattle or Mpls/StPaul. So to say the NHL would work in Seattle, yes at first, long term??
And the Bruins are the fourth option in Boston after the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. The Red Wings are fourth in Detroit behind the Lions, the Tigers, and the Pistons. The Blackhawks are FIFTH in Chicago ffs behind the Bears, the Cubs, the Bulls, and the White Sox. Point being, you don't have to be the first, second, or third sports option in a market to be a successful franchise.

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