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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Question for Nucks fans, (no trolling) with Chi being 5-0, Bryz bring solid in his last 3, Edm looking good so far....does it worry you that you may be back to the 2 original favoured teams (FLA/TO)? Tallon doesn't seem to be any more interested and Nonis has said he won't pay. (and Luongo won't waive for TO).

Vankiller seems to think the market is growing, right now it seems to be shrinking.
No, I'm not terribly worried. I like having two number one goalies on the roster. I'll be worried if when the offseason comes there's 0-1 teams interested, but right now we really don't need to make a trade, regardless of how many times the TO media says we have holes that need to be immediately addressed by trading Lu.

Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post
It doesn't matter either way though. A good game here or there doesn't really impact upon anything. James Reimer would have to prove that he's capable of carrying the loud over the next year or year and a half.
Then why make posts supposing that it could after he has 1 good period?

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