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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
One, it's not necessarily their choice to turn it down. Two, the NBA will always give priority to the team's local market because that's their customer base right now. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Three, when Stern asked for the city to step up, they did. Stern also probably realizes that he doesn't want to make the same mistake twice to finish his tenure as commissioner. Four, the people involved that could purchase the team every bit as capable of making an equal offer to the Maloofs for their interest, if not more. If the courts hold up the right to match that the minority owners have in their contracts, there isn't anything that the NBA, Hansen, or the Maloofs can do about it.

The NBA may not and that's up for debate if you talk to them. However, the courts may decide that they can since there is a clause in the minority owner's contracts for a right to match when it comes to the majority shares being sold.

You act as if the right to match the offer isn't a big issue. The courts may disagree with you. It may not be up to the NBA at that point but the NBA has given Sacramento the opportunity to do so anyway. If they thought Seattle was so much better, why even bother doing that? You also think that they wouldn't sell it this soon if it was and my answer to that is it is likely they didn't know or care about it because it was a quick deal that came from it so what makes you think they looked over every detail of every minority ownership's contract? And your thought that if they sued to try to keep the team meaning the NBA would burn their bridges with the market is absolutely laughable. Seattle did a lot of the same things when the Sonics originally left.
Stern has zero control over what the BOG does and he wants seattle to have a team back before he retires.

contract agreements everything has to be clearly written. If the ROFR is written so vague it won't stand up in court and if this goes to litigation Sacramento will lose their team. You have no idea how much the NBA hates being told what to do. It is essentially guarantee they will not approve local ownership and a guarantee that Sacramento will never get a team again.

NBA has the right to decide who ends up being owners or not.

Tick off the NBA and they will vote against you no matter what if you try claiming RORF to match the offer or not.

If Sacramento has any shot at keeping their team litigation isn't the solution.

They have 3 months to get a ownership group going and an arena plan unless the BOG decides to vote on it next month.

This wasn't a quick deal. This has been going on for at least a couple months. It was only just reported that there was a deal working on that the maloofs are going to sell the team to Hansen's group a couple weeks ago. Hansen and his lawyers are aware of the ROFR and so were the NBA lawyers if it was such a huge issue the agreement would not been announced last Monday.

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