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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
And do you believe Getzlaf or Perry would have ever agreed to a contract? The former was coming off an 82 point season. Few players want them, hence why few currently exist in the league. Most GM recognize upsetting their star talent has the potential to backfire down the road.

Price was coming off a poor season where he lost the starting position to Halak, while Pacioretty was not remotely established due to injuries. Neither had the bargaining power to demand anything significant.

Weeks also mentioned how every GM be spoke with could not believe how poorly the Canadiens are handling this. If we believe reports, then Montreal remains alone in their mindset and it could cost them Subban. What they say now is irrelevant as the months carry on. Eventually, either Subban accepts or is traded and thus far, he appears equally adamant in refusing a bridging contract.
Maybe GM are stunned because recently everyone is getting long term contracts and teams aren't fighting it.

IMO if done the right way there is no need for anyone to be upset, but you are right, some stars won't accept a bridge contract, but I'd rather offer more money and that might work.

It seems like teams are not even trying anymore, guys are getting long term deals before their ELC is even done.

I guess in a way you are right the Habs are not modernizing.

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