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01-26-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
The harsh truth is this: Coaches are hired to be fired, and they usually take an organization like a pendulum. Therrien was hired to introduce structure and discipline. He did it. And, then, like with any other coach, it became too much. Enter Bylsma, to move the pendulum in the other direction. In 2009, he moved it just enough, and the stars were in alignment. Thereafter, he's just kept moving it. A great coach, the guys who stay in jobs for years, recognize when they've swung too much in one direction and can pull it back some. Most can't do that, and the guy who was brilliant just a few years ago becomes wrong for precisely the reasons he once seemed so right. It's just how it works.
I'm sure the same logic would have been used in favor of canning Julien after his team had the biggest collapse in NHL history. Obviously the players had tuned him out, or he had a bunch of coaching flaws that every Bruins fan at the time would have been all too eager to point out.

Coaches being hired to fired is a cliche, one that holds true within certain organizations (perenniel losers, typically) more than it being an unwritten rule in the sports world. If you have a good coach, it's usually a good idea to hang on to him instead of looking to dismiss him every time you hit a rough patch. Especially a younger coach like Bylsma who could be one of the premiere coaches in the league for the next few decades. If the team hits a tailspin like Therrien's did where they look poised to miss the playoffs and everything about the team is depressing that is when you explore a coaching change. You don't panic after a 2-2 start when you've consistently been one of the league's best regular season teams year in and year out.

I'm not sure exactly what it would take for me to want Bylsma fired in terms of good regular seasons followed up by poor postseason performances. Another early exit or two where the entire team falls apart like it did against Philly would get me thinking. I don't consider barely losing with an injury riddled team against a healthy EC contender or losing in 7 games to a goalie who activated god mode before the series to be examples of Bylsma being outcoached. 'Specially not when our playoff hero of a goaltender was handedly outplayed on each occasion.

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