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Originally Posted by missingchicklet View Post
You see it in sports time and time again -- players tend to conform to the overall culture of the team and the coaches. I think that the Bruins' locker room and team culture is strong enough that a guy like Subban would not be allowed to be a cancer on the team. I also think that PK would mature and improve a great deal on the Bruins. No wonder he sometimes comes off as being a punk and is a diver -- look who he plays for. That kind of crap is part of the culture on that team.

Subban has ridiculous upside and generally plays really hard. I would more than welcome him on the Bruins if we could get him for a reasonable price. I'm sure there are a lot of teams that would like to have him as well. If I were a betting man I would wager that he would become a bit of a fan favorite at Boston and would toughen up real quick and cut out the stupidity he has shown in Montreal.
Here's the problem I have with that.

IF the Bruins picked up Subban at this moment, via trade or offer sheet, they would have to drop a defenseman, either Ference, Boychuk or McQuaid. All of whom played key roles in the Stanley Cup playoffs. All of whom are stalwarts in the locker room and on the ice. All of whom would not and have not hesitated a second to come to a teammate's defense, even, in the case of Ference (who wears the "A" for good reason), when his opponent is bigger and stronger. Not to mention that they're pretty good defensemen. Not great, but solid.

So, you want to dump one of those guys and bring in Subban, who, during a game in said playoffs, made Patrice Bergeron literally shake his head and roll his eyes in disgust? Perhaps he's leaped to the defense of a teammate a few times, but I've never seen it. I'm sure he's not a bad person, but I've never heard his teammates praise him as Bruins teammates have praised Ference, Boychuk or McQuaid.

Now, if Subban was a stupendous talent, a young Nick Lidstrom, perhaps you say, OK, we'll live with it. It's worth shaking up the core of this team and rattling the locker room by shipping out a teammate because he's just too good to pass up. But IMHO, he isn't that good. I'm not saying he's bad, but he's not a superstar.

In some sports, a GM doesn't concern himself with such things. But in hockey, chemistry matters. It's not bringing in Subban that would be the sole problem, it's watching a teammate get dumped to do so that would upset the apple cart.

IF Subban was a free agent, and IF by some quirk there was an opening on the Bruins' defense, signing him would probably be worth a shot. But he isn't, there isn't, and that's why I don't want him on this team.

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