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01-26-2013, 10:36 PM
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Don't look now, but the Whale won the last 3 games, and 5 of the last 7. They are only a point out of the playoffs now after looking like they are about to get eliminated from the playoff race.

Here's a fun fact: Hartford once again played with only 17 skaters: 6D and 11F. Couldn't they call someone up from the ECHL? What's wrong with giving Brandon Wong or Marc-Olivier Vallerand a chance?


1. Parlett: Excellent game in all three zones. Do you remember how he looked really good in Traverse? Unfortunately, Traverse is below the AHL, so when he went to Hartford, he didn't impress last year. But now he looks in the AHL how he looked in Traverse then.

2. Thomas: The benching did him a lot of good. Nice hustle, good use of his speed and good job shooting. Still not converting, but not bad.

3. Mash: Looked dominant out there. Was all over the place.

4. Vernace: Terrific all around. No dumb plays, quick thinking on defense, good job rushing the puck and a solid choice of shots.

5. Wiebe: Do you remember how Callahan looked in his rookie season? That's how this guy looks. (Except he's much older and doesn't have as much time to improve.)

6. Tessier: Solid game. He never does anything great, but nothing bad either.

7. Pyett: Really coming into his own in the recent weeks.

8. Talbot: He may be the best player in Hartford. Looks confident, comfortable, clearly realizing that he has to carry the team on his shoulders for long stretches. Talbot now has 2.61GAA and 0.917 SV%. Those are some terrific numbers of a bad team with an even worse defense.

9. Collins: Solid game. No dumb plays. Covered well for McIlrath.

10. Newbury: Not great, but did his job.


1. Miller: He'd be so much better as a winger. Good at carrying the puck along the board, but finished it off with bad passing or shots.

2. McIlrath: Shows nice ability, but so raw. He'll need to take skating lessons to help his balance. He also needs to think faster. But nice use of his stick, good up and down skater, good at finishing his checks.


1. Klassen: solid game, but mostly invisible.

2. Jean: Where did his speed go? He need to use it again like he did in prior games.

3. Haley: Useless except along the boards.

4. Yogan: Good size, good speed, good shot, but can't think and can't create.

5. Segal: Got an assist, but nothing special tonight.

6. Wilson: Does his job as an AHL 4th liner, knows his role, but don't expect much from him.


Nobody was really bad. Even the defense played decently well.

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