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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
7 million dollar Gomez cost us Higgins & McDonagh. It wasn't that he under-performed but that he cost us a stud defenseman which is a rare (and hot) commodity in the NHL.

We should have done more to try and keep Wisniewski, actually. He got a rather pricey contract but we should have at least attempted to bring him back him.

We're not going down the same path. Subban has gone on record and said he would take a 2 year deal as long as he is paid what he is worth. That contract is not impossible to off load. His body of work would suggest that even if he performs poorly this season and we don't see him in our future plans that we could then trade him for similar value than if Bergevin's plan reaches its finale.

I don't know how you can defend this contract offer. I don't know how any one can defend this contract offer. We aren't talking about Subban asking for the moon (though he has a right to polarize after Bergevin's peanut offer) we are talking about Bergevin offering 3rd liner money to Subban when he has already shown over two seasons and two play-off runs that he is more than capable of being a top pairing D in this league.
that's all nice and dandy, but the question remains : how much Subban think Subban is worth ?

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