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01-26-2013, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Vasculio View Post
Season just began ? How do you know it's not Subban who's doing it wrong ? I guess he's a bad teammate and hockey player cause he didn't take the offer of Bergevin and isn't playing right now... ? Come on, I've seen you post more elaborate stuff than that...

I agree with you that we should be tanking this year though, just so that we could rebuild our team pretty fast with a couple more top 60 picks in this monster of a draft, with Timmins, Dudley AND Bergevin in place...
I've been elaborate, but I'm not elaborate in every post, my posts are made elsewhere, maybe I shouldd keep a text file handy :-)

It's been confirmed that Bergevin is locking out Subban unless he agrees to play for 2.55 million per year by two different sources.

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