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01-26-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by WG View Post
Thank you. Now if the reports we have heard are true then Habs management has offered Subban about 2/3 of that amount and seem unwilling to move off that number. This whole mess leads to a couple of likely outcomes:

1) We poison the relationship with a key player and even if he signs now, this ends up with him taking a couple of short contracts and then getting out of dodge as soon as he hits 27
2) We end up trading from a weak position and getting 50 cents on the dollar.

If I were GM, we'd have a long term deal done around 5 per, hopefully. Barring that, on a bridge deal I'm fairly close to you, I'd go 2 yr and 8M or so.

But I see Bergevin coming in at a ridiculously low offer and I see a cluster-**** unfolding yet you see a plan. I just don't see it. You also see the usn rising which is irrelevant. The sun will come up on Long Island and Toronto tomorrow, that doesn't mean fanbases there cannot rightfully complain about dumbass moves by their repective franchises.
With all due respect, you are still relying on unconfirmed rumors of what Bergevin is offering and what Subban is demanding.

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