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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
The Buffalo loss was Miller...not our goalie. The Isles loss...yup Scrivens sucked. Tonight...Jesus Christ in net wouldn't have saved us.
But he is a... Superstar I don't know what for but he is.

Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post
I don't think it's certain that Roberto is traded in the next 8 months.
I say this as someone who thinks we could keep him until he retires, but, he will be gone before the next season starts. For many reasons.

Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
Vankiller, if you watched the Florida games, which I know you haven't. You would know the chance of Luongo coming to our team is shrinking, not growing. The only reason we would pay up to acquire him is if we had a team that could compete right now. And as of now, I doubt we could make the playoffs in the AHL. We are terrible. And Luongo wouldn't do a single thing. Theodore has been great and will continue to give us a chance every night. The absolute last thing we need to do is give away our future. Our prospects are the only thing stopping Panther fans from killing themselves. This Flyers game was so embarrassing, I'm ashamed to be a Panthers fan right now.
I think... well maybe wonder is the better word, could FLA pick up more interest in the offseason? I still don't think they would offer the best package, but I can see them being more interested when Jose is gone. Until then he is a good stopgap, stopgap to what is the unknown.

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