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Originally Posted by FlashyG View Post
The pressure isn't really on Bergevin at all, its on Subban.

He's the one with a choice to make.
A) Come down on his asking price and come to an agreement with the Canadiens.
B) Hope for an offer sheet, which will almost certainly be matched.
C) Sit out a season and repeat the process next season.

Unless Bergevin is being offered a deal that equals what he'd get via an offer sheet there is no reason to trade him.
That only holds true if Subban is committed to remaining with the Habs. If Subban decides he's not willing to play for them again, under any circumstances, then the math changes:

Any assets they can get for Subban >>> Subban's rights

At that point it becomes a matter of which team will give up the most to get him. Nobody will offer sheet him, and if he becomes set on leaving he wouldn't sign an offer sheet anyway. That would be the easiest way for the Habs to lock him up for the long haul and really screw him over - see; Weber, Shea.

Bergevin is putting Subban into a position where he only has two options - to accept the current ****** offer, or to declare publicly that he'll never play for Montreal ever again. Not the shrewdest move for a GM to make. We'll see how it plays out.

Bergevin could always cave in. One side's going to have to, sooner or later. Subban's going to have to go to the KHL, too.

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