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01-26-2013, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post
You don't get it, you never will. I get you don't like Richards, that fine. But if you can't see how important that is, that when your teammate and esp. your Captain is run at, boarded or in this case slew footed ,you go after the guy (on in this case, the ******) that did it, then you wo n't understand why guys like Richards are liked and respected by every body they've played with. When you know that guy has your back, you'll go to war for him.
He won't skate away, it's not in his composition. It's part of what's made him a great leader since his OHL days. And you' won't find anybody on that Kings team that doesn't love him for that.
This plus this = fif

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