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01-26-2013, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JustAHabFan View Post
You saw the answer in one his post. MB just take the role of GM for less than a year. He had a plan. Give him some time.
That's not really an answer. Fine, Bergevin hasn't been in his chair long, but already he's got a hand in turning a fairly simple (IMO) roster move into a complete circus. Now it may turn out that MB has been making fair offers all along and PK, despite his statement to Dave Stubbs, really does demand a Doughty contract.

I'm simply saying it doesn't look that way, and if MB is really trying to hold some hard line on one of his 2 or 3 best players, then it really doesn't make any sense as part of a bigger plan. He'll either lose the player or end up fleeced in a trade in all likelihood...holdout trades tend to not work out for the team with the unhappy player to peddle off.

And that he's new to the job doens't comfort me, one might think this is only the beginning of more peculiar moves to come.

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