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Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
But he is a... Superstar I don't know what for but he is.

I say this as someone who thinks we could keep him until he retires, but, he will be gone before the next season starts. For many reasons.

I think... well maybe wonder is the better word, could FLA pick up more interest in the offseason? I still don't think they would offer the best package, but I can see them being more interested when Jose is gone. Until then he is a good stopgap, stopgap to what is the unknown.

Seriously, its people like you that give leaf fans a bad name, the thread is just starting to get back on track and you have to come in here and try to be whatever it is you are trying to do? You are just a goof.

Always found it entertaining how the only black character in that movie was Judas, subtle racism is always good for laughs looking back at how blatant it was.

Okay back on topic, the TML and Canucks will not make a deal stop beating it to death. In either scenario which plays out the TML do not have the type of assets that the Canucks want or are not willing to move said assets. Scenario one Kassian and Schroeder are as good as they appear to be and Raymond and Ballard continue to have bounce back seasons. In that scenario Luongo gets dealt for futures as there are no glaring holes in the line up. Scenario two Kassian, Schroeder, Raymond, or Ballard falters at which point we'd need if Kassian falters a top six winger, if Schroeder falters a third line centre, if Raymond falters a top six winger, if Ballard falters a cheap but good bottom pairing defencemen. The TML will not separate with any of their futures in the first scenario as they are a team in perpetual rebuild. In the second scenario the only top six winger on their team that would be of any use to the Canucks is Kessel and even that is iffy as he doesn't play the trade mark two way game the Canucks play so he isn't the type of player I'd see us target or the TML give up as he is too important to their franchise plus he carries the baggage of the Seguin trade. The TML are also weak at centre ice and I don't see any of their centres as the type of player you'd want centreing a third line and since they are weak in that position they'd have no desire to make a deal. For the depth dman thing I think Toronto will agree with me when I say most of their dmen are atrocious (don't deny it I've been watching the games on HNIC) or overpaid, leaving the only desirable one to be Gardiner and he is a big part of their rebuild so they won't deal him.

In short Toronto and Vancouver no trade because they are bad trade partners. Where I think Luongo eventually goes is Washington if they continue to struggle Mcphee has to be on his last legs there so he'll be willing to shake things up to try and save his job. As a Canucks fan ideally the trade would happen at the deadline since by then we know which scenario is the true scenario but I don't see Washington waiting that long if their horrible play continues so I think the trade will happen at about the quarter season mark if Washington is still struggling and Mcphee still has a job at which point Gillis will have to make his best guess on the scenario that is playing out and ask for the return that addresses said scenario. If Luongo is not dealt then then he'll be dealt at the deadline, most likely, to a team that feels they are a goaltender away from contending for the cup and the deal will be all futures since if the Canucks haven't made a trade before then then there is probably still no glaring hole meaning scenario one has played out and the team that would want to acquire Luongo would view themselves as contenders and thus would only want to part with futures and maybe a cap dump to stay under the cap.

Now stop behaving like children and insulting each other over everything please.

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