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01-27-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyler SeQuin View Post
I think it would help considerably if there were a waiting period that new members had to get through before they are allowed to start a thread ... This way, they know what is expected around here before they go starting a thread for every question and drunken thought they have ....

Maybe a 6 month introductory phase before they are allowed to post new threads? Sure would clean up the board and take away the sarcastic and rude responses (some of which are justified, by the way)...
I don't know, I feel like that would penalize (and possibly drive away) those new posters who are perfectly able to formulate a well thought-out new thread from day one.

At the risk of adding to the mods' workload, how about if, when mods see a thread title and opening post that just seems to beg for snarky zings, that they delete it and ask the poster to reformulate it?

Take the Seguin Ruined by Switzerland thread as an example. My guess is that thread could have turned into a more fruitful discussion if (a) the OP proposed that Switzerland caused a "setback" in Seguin's development, rather than "ruining" it (which sounds permanent, irreversible); (b) proposing at least some theory as to why Switzerland would have such an effect; and/or (c) acknowledging how small the sample size is that we're being asked to draw conclusions from (3 or 4 games this season).

Most of us might still have disagreed with the suggestion that Switzerland set Seguin back (even temporarily), but I truly believe the overall tone and value of the thread would have been quite different. Notice, this improvement would not require that the poster gain more knowledge of hockey per se; it would just entail a bit more attention to the things that promote good discussion.

So yeah, I'm all for cutting noobs a little slack (but then, I'm a softy by nature)... but I think noobs should also not get too ruffled if they get snarky comments: often those comments, rude and crude though they may be, are the best feedback they'll get about how they're coming across, and how they should put a bit more thought into their words.

Allright, peace and love everyone.

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