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01-27-2013, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Rusty545 View Post
came here to post this exact same thing, and honestly could not have said it any better.

These players are great to have, but should not be the best the team has to offer.
I dont really understand this? What are we gonna do then, sell them off?

we can tank with them on the team you know, why toss Kessel or Phaneuf for Picks/lesser players in hopes that we get a prospect that will replace them one day?

we can get a huge player if we drop in this draft(which is possible with poor goaltending), so if we get the #1 C this draft, what other GLARING hole do we really have?(minus the #1 G but that's hard to find even through the draft.)

Seriously we only need one more big draft IMO, we have alot of solid support pieces and everything else could be filled through minor trades, I dont see this as a team that's years away, it's one big draft from being a tough team to play against IMO.

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