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12-14-2003, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
Your missing my point. I NEVER said Al Qaeda isn't a threat. They are absolutely a threat. I also never said we were safe because Saddam is in custody. It is certainly a plus that we have him for two reasons.

1. Intelligence we can gather from him.
2. Morale - I think this helps our soldiers morale and I think it relieves alot of the Iraqui's fear.

Learning from the past is important. I'm a history major so I have an idea . I do think that it is an error to dwell so much on the past that you miss the present. Looking at our involvement in Iraq and just saying "Bush is dumb because his father didnt finish it in 1990" or "well we gave them chemical weapons years go" is very counterproductive. It's important to learn from past mistakesbut those are not adequate answers to our current questions.
Dwelling on the past? Yeah, whatever. However, that's how we got to this point. And while some people have argued that the war on terror led us to this point, I would argue that we would have never invaded Iraq if Bin Laden hadn't attacked America. But, how we got to Iraq really isn't all that important--what's important is staying until the job is done and doing it right. If anyone thinks that catching Saddam will change the number of years we are going to there, policing and rebuilding the country, they are mistaken. If they think it will get any cheaper, they are mistaken. That's the present.

And if we don't know about our mistakes or have forgotten them, then what's to prevent us from making the same ones over and over?

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