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01-27-2013, 12:34 AM
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I think realistically speaking the Senators will be primed for a cup run in either the 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 season. By that point a fair amount of prospects will have either established themselves as NHL players or proven that they are fringe NHL players/ AHLers or simply long shot late bloomers. So depending on whether management feels 2015 or 2016 is the best year for a cup run they may sign a veteran free agent(s). Certainly the Senators will be interested with a free agent who has won a Stanley Cup, but they may settle on signing a player(s) that is well suited for the playoffs. The following are a few players who I think they may target with their age adjusted for when they become a free agent. (Note: for the most part I have tried to exclude players that I believe have a high probability of signing with their current organization.)

2013 Off-Season

I doubt that the Senators feel that they are ready for a cup run in 2014 so they may want to sign a young/ mid aged player to be part of the eventual core for the cup run. I could see Murray having a very strong interest in signing Corey Perry and a bit of a milder interest in signing Ryan Getzlaf. Both Perry and Getzlaf with be 28 this year. I could also see Murray having a mild interest in signing David Clarkson who is turning 29.

I might get flamed for this, but I could also see the Senators signing Pierre Cedric Labrie as a utility player. He fills the role of enforcer/agitator and if (now that is a big if) he can translate what he can do in the AHL to the NHL, he could be a valuable 4th liner.

2014 Off-Season

If the Senators believe that 2015 is their year for a cup run then they may have interest in the following players:

LW Patrick Marleau 36
LW Mike Cammalleri 32
LW Chris Kuntiz 35
D Kris Letang 27 (Almost certainly he re-sings though, but if not by some chance then the Sens could be very interested)
C/W Steve Ott 32
D Matt Greene 31
RW Steve Downie 27
LW Daniel Carcillo 29

2015 Off-Season

If the Senators believe that 2016 is their year for a cup run then they may have interest in the following players:

LW Ryan Malone 36
C Mike Fisher 35 (if he doesn't re-sing with Nashville I could see Ottawa being interested in brining him back to end his career here)
D Johnny Boychuck 32
C Jarret Stoll 33
D Barret Jackman 34
LW Nick Foligno 28 (I could see the Sens being interested in potentially bringing him back)
LW Curtiss Glencross 33

Now this is entirely speculative on my part; these players may or may not become free agents at the end of their respective contracts and the Senators may or may not be interested in signing some or any of them. On top of that our prospects may flourish in terms of their development and the Senators may not have much of a need to add many free agents at all over the next few years. I may have also missed a few free agents that some other posters may feel should be added to this list, I welcome them to add any players that thy feel I have missed.

Anyways this is just my opinion so take it as that.

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