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01-27-2013, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
Yak will score with 1 second left to make it a 4-3 loss. He'll then slide from one end to the other and dry hump a goal post till someone throws a bucket of cold water on him. Oilers commentators will praise his enthusiastic goal celebration.

Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
Five games in and there's a rising chorus of voices calling for a coaching change in T.O.
Originally Posted by ddawg1950 View Post
Just a quick tour through the TML board and you find that the fan base is pretty fractious. Half of them want Dion Phaneuf gone (minus 8...apparently a league worst), half of them want a new goalie (cry me a river) and half want Carlyle's head (yeah, it's his fault).

Meanwhile the idea that Burkie set the table for another GM's success has taken a harsh hit of reality.

The team lacks leadership, heart and depth of talent.

Be a punishment to send Lou into a situation like that.
Yeah, I'd hate for Lu to wind up there. I like the guy too much. Besides, it's not as if there'd be a star-studded package coming back.

The TO board is always good for a laugh when the season's underway. It's funny to see how many threads they create about the Vancouver Sun's blogs whenever they mention the Leafs, and half the posts in it are about how obsessed we supposedly are with their team. Meanwhile, I don't know anyone who even reads those blogs here. It's also really good for a laugh to see them tearing into each other like a pack of starving jackals after yet another offseason of hyping themselves into thinking the Leafs were going to magically become a great team with only minor changes to the collection of stiffs they had last year. But don't worry, Nonis will fix everything!

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