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01-27-2013, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by whoshouse View Post
I hate to single you out but I'm not sure why people confuse him as having no offensive ability. Thats incredibly wrong. Hes a terrific passer and has good creativity. Because of his speed and puck control hes good at rushing the puck up the ice and often jumps in to the play when he's able to. The only deficiency he has is that his shot is rather weak and he has a hard time getting it through, although I'm not worried about that part of his game. His shot will get stronger (it actually already has) as he matures and learns how to put his weight in to it. And getting shots through is something he can learn with experience.
Tanev won't ever be the big blast type Dman most want with a right hand shot, but he has an incredible ability to thread a pass thru seems like a true vet.
His pass to Glass in the Finals where Glass completely whiffed on it, was just a perfect example of how he can be an offensive creator. Problem is he chose to pass to Glass of all people.

The D to D him and Ballard seem to pull off are bar none best on the team, Tanev doesn't bobble the puck like Bieksa, and the chemistry is still lacking between Garrison and Edler.

If I were to try and find a comparison for Tanev, I think Gleason without the physical element to his game is about right. Smart defender who can play any spot in a pinch and be relied upon.

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