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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
I can't comment on how well Theodore has done on the ice (I haven't been watching, or been following)... I can't comment on how great Markstrom is going to be (I haven't been watching, or been following)... But, even if assuming on ice play is completely equal (which is top 5 goaltending results... some will say top 7 or 8, whatever) there is no way, IMHO, either Theodore or Markstrom could make such an impact on the team... The Canucks turned it around, once Luongo got here... He instilled a high level and expectation on the entire team... If what Florida is lacking is someone to wear a cape and grab the team by the balls, it's Luongo...

With this said, however, my opinion is that Florida ride it out this year... Grab a real high pick, if necessary... Send a high 2nd along with one or two nice prospects for Luongo at the draft... With Luongo in hand, sell a nice free agent or two to join the team (universe willing), and go forward from there... If it's leadership (or the "IT") Florida (or any team) is lacking, there are few better options than Luongo - in terms of making significant impact roster-wide... and that completely ignores on-ice play - which is top 5 (or around)...

Too true. He's a leader. I also agree that people should strap themselves in for the long haul. If FLA is struggling by the deadline and Weiss remains unsigned, then I could definitely see something go down at that point. Otherwise, the draft looks like the best time for these teams to swing a deal. At that point, perhaps Theodore is known to be walking into FA also...

As for TOR, since I think their chances or CHI getting Lu are remote at best, I don't really see why they are still being talked about here. The pull to potentially get something for nothing is great indeed, but in this case it's completely unwarranted. It will keep people coming back, but to no avail.

On that point, I found two bits of "information" interesting regarding these teams. Ben Bishop looks like the odd man out, but it was leaked that the Luongo deal was muddying the market for all goalies, which got me thinking about CHI. Bishop seems a natural fit in CHI, now more than ever given their hot start, but waiting on Luongo would definitely halt talks with OTT, so I remain interested to see what happens with Bishop...

The other bit of info comes by way of Botchford (yes, I know), he said that talks broke down between Burke and Gillis to the point that the lieutenants (Gilman and Nonis) were the only ones carrying on the process. Now with the firing of Burke, and the supposed power shift in negotations (Kypreos and Maclean alluded to as Nonis being put into a very difficult spot), Gillis goes on the offensive by calling out the TOR media and re-iterating a hard line stance for value, even leaking the "deal done" talk, why? The default answer is altering negotiating position... but if his negotiating position is seemingly stronger by the ousting of Burke, why does he have to go on the offensive at all? My theory: he knows that TOR is no longer an option and is using them as a stepping stone to reaffirm his position to all _OTHER_ teams. Just as he is using their interest at all as a means to better negotiate with FLA. If TOR is still an option, why would he delve into the media game at all as an antagonist? TOR is not going to take to kindly to that as a potential trading partner. On the other hand, the biggest reason he goes off on them and the suspect TOR media is that he can use them (and the TOR media that will eventually pick up the story) as a springboard to do so BECAUSE they are no longer relevant to the process. Just a thought. More and more, TOR just seems like a team that is being used as a means to get the word out, without actually factoring into anything Luongo related on a reality based level.

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