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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
I can't comment on how well Theodore has done on the ice (I haven't been watching, or been following)... I can't comment on how great Markstrom is going to be (I haven't been watching, or been following)... But, even if assuming on ice play is completely equal (which is top 5 goaltending results... some will say top 7 or 8, whatever) there is no way, IMHO, either Theodore or Markstrom could make such an impact on the team... The Canucks turned it around, once Luongo got here... He instilled a high level and expectation on the entire team... If what Florida is lacking is someone to wear a cape and grab the team by the balls, it's Luongo...

With this said, however, my opinion is that Florida ride it out this year... Grab a real high pick, if necessary... Send a high 2nd along with one or two nice prospects for Luongo at the draft... With Luongo in hand, sell a nice free agent or two to join the team (universe willing), and go forward from there... If it's leadership (or the "IT") Florida (or any team) is lacking, there are few better options than Luongo - in terms of making significant impact roster-wide... and that completely ignores on-ice play - which is top 5 (or around)...
if you haven't been watching....... or following....... the panthers, why are you giving....... out suggestions on what they...... should do

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