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The Montreal Screwjob
Hogan joins the NWO
Austin 3:16
Randy Savage destroys Ricky Steamboat with the ring bell

And the winner

I was sitting in the crowd at the Stampede Pavilion watching the returning British Bulldogs facing off against Karachi Vice. 10 minutes into the match I think Gamma Singh hit Dynamite Kid in the back, Kid turned around and saw Davey Boy Smith standing there and Dynamite lost the match.

Later in the night Davey Boy was in a singles match and was getting beaten down by Karachi Vice. Dynamite comes down to help out his partner but instead suckers Davey Boy and then comes off of the top rope with a heavy chain busting his former tag team partner open. This sparked an incredibly bloody feud and was one of the last great runs by the Dynamite Kid. What we didn't know was that there were real life problems and hatred between Smith and Billington that caused the breakup of one of the great tag teams.

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