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01-27-2013, 02:56 AM
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Optional or not, this shouldn't even be something that occurs to get your diploma. My sister goes through so many checks and balances of the schools my nephews will attend to make sure they are getting a good education. She has continually thought of home schooling(she has her degree in education, and was teaching for 3 years before having her first child until being a stay at home mom).

I think it is so sad that people might have to worry about where they are sending their children to get an education. I appreciate the fact that she wants her kids to have a great education, and going through a checks and balances on her own of the schools they are going to.

But in the end, there shouldn't be any saying you should be optionally involved in(at first it was required with this bill correct?). You should get your degree by proving yourself to focus on your studies, understand the material, and complete the requirements to continue on with the next step of your life if you wish to do so.

The fact that this was even brought up, no matter who it is, or what their intent was, just to make it optional as I've read this thread, is ABSURD!!!!! KEEP POLITICS AND RELIGION out of schools. They have no place there.

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