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01-27-2013, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
You started things down this road, not me.

My points are

A.) We aren't going to trade him.

B.) We've gotta live with the team we've got.

C.) Long season ahead, performances in the early games are just that, performances in early games. It's best to assess each player and not jump to conclusions after more than a handful of games.

D.) If he's as bad as you think and his level of pay is not commensurate for his services, what makes you believe we'll get jack for him?

And lastly, who cares why he fought Doan, he got him off the ice. It was a good tradeoff. Period, end of story.
First off I like to congratulate on the world's most delayed response to another argument which has passed, maybe ms woof is your friend, don't know don't care.
Before you got all on me calling me wrong for an absolutely different argument is pretty pathetic.

A. You don't know that. Maybe they will maybe they won't, unless you are Dean, but obviously you aren't from your demeanor.
B. Not unless there's room for improvement.
C. Short season and inconsistency, lack of training maybe maybe not. Don't want thst
D. Any team really, sell him while his value his high. The same reason we got Gagne, resume is great. It won't be hard to sell him

I don't care why he fought Doan I'm just saying it wasnt likely to get him off the ice.

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