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01-27-2013, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
You haven't had a single good thing to say about him since he got here, that's the real issue. So as soon as you had the chance to jump on anything related to him you did.

Well sorry, nobody's trading a second line center for another second line center. And considering you don't think he's any good I can't understand why you think other GM's would think he's worth trading for. Trading a 50 point center making 5.8 million is pretty unlikely so the dream will have to wait another day.
My username has Kopitars name on it. Do I ever talk about how good is he? Nope. There's no reason he plays like a champ consistently and is a wonderful player, I'm not gonna come on here and talk about how good our players are cause we all know that, but when they suck I will point it out, I like Richards surprisingly I was happy when we got him, but when he played like crap for too long it sorta pissed me off and now the way he's playing is really a **** poor excuse for an athlete. Instead of assuming, why don't you ask, if you have the nerve to attack me and question my thinking why don't you ask. It's not hard. It's simple you really don't understand, trading has many intricacies, a 2nd line center that has skill but the GM wants someone with balls and grit so they can trade and hell if we can't we can get rid of Richardson or Bernier while we are at it and get an all star. Value for value. I like Richards and I bought into the hype I saw how he was nasty to Bernier in the philly game ar while ago, so yes I liked him, but then you can say what you want be he is overrated, he had tremendous heart and all but for a team lacking SKILLED wingers and centers he is pretty useless. Imagine having an amazing play maker with skills or a sniper 2 of which he isn't, someone flashy, our PP would be more alive. Richards plays with his heart out and that's most effective but he looks worn out. If a player who relies on grit and full efforts to be helpful just becomes lazy what does that make him now? He has no skills really.

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