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01-27-2013, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by IDoezIt View Post
Exactly. One thing that makes me want to pull my hair out is people wanting to break this line up for the sake of giving Granlund a shot or to "spread the wealth."

The 1st line isnt going to be touched. So enough with these Heater or Parise moving down to the 2nd line for the sake of spreading the wealth... Incredible. We were all raving how we were so deep @ the forward position that we had no room left because everyone in our roster can/could contribute and score. They all need to pick it up. Not dismantle the best thing we got to make up for their behinds.

Sorry i just had to rant about that. It drives me crazy.

Your lines are basically what i would suggest as well. Zucker would be the call up over Coyle.
I don't like what I am about to type but it's time to take off my homer glasses regarding Koivu. We have been crying for top wingers to play with Koivu for awhile and now that we have one it's brought something to light. So far it has made him no better offensively and he is hurting this team in a 1C role. He is trying to pass to Parise every time he gets the puck and he rarely shoots or drives the net anymore. They are on different pages offensively. He makes mediocre players around him better but he can't make elite talent better because they think of the game on a higher level than him offensively. Koivu is one of the best 2C's in the game but he cares too much for defense to be used as a 1C. Switch him with Granlund who is more offensive minded and has elite hockey IQ. Parise is on an island out there trying to generate offense. Koivu is lost watching Parise and Heater is too slow to be used anywhere else but on the PP. Heater can't forecheck so 2W/3W is where he belongs. Koivu on the second line will make our non performing players better and makes our team better. Something like Parise-Granlund-Bouchard, Seto-Koviu-Heater, Cullen-Brodz-Clutter. Powe-Konopka-Mitchell

Spread the Koivu. Team success won't be achieved if the opponent only has to focus on the top line to win.

Edit: This all coming from a guy who has always argued Koivu being a 1C

It just took Parise to help me understand he wasn't

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