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Originally Posted by Beavski24 View Post
Hey guys my two friends and I are die hard jets fans just bought ourselves two nice tickets located in the 326th level for 180 a piece and were traveling from brockville ontario anyway the point of this thread...

where should we party/bars to hit/sights we should see along our way what are the must dos in winnipeg! we got 600$ for gas but what should we hit!
You're not here long, and you're essentially a tourist, so I would stick with

(1) the exchange district (pubs, clubs, rests);
(2) the forks (pubs, rests, some history and views, if weather is nice); and/or
(3) osbourne village (ambiance)

These are unique to Winnipeg and will make your stay enjoyable without having to venture too far out of the centre of the city and the area where the arena is, and will enable you to avoid the cookie cutter chain experience of pretty much every north american city.

Most of the other suggestions are just personal preferences from locals who want to project their own experiences, having known the city and its quirky rests and bars which are probably going to leave you out of our way.

Have a safe drive ... that's a tough one in winter!

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